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Devon Miyoko Watters is a seventeen-year-old senior, and this is her 1st year in the company. She was introduced to dance through figure skating at around seven into her younger teenage years. She continued dancing later in her journey at Jefferson High School's dance program her sophomore year. She started training in hip-hop, African, Jazz, and Modern. She joined Jefferson Dancers II to train with Bunky Williams in her junior year. She would like to thank Bunky for helping her grow in dance. She would also like to thank her parents for always supporting her through her journey. She would like to continue dancing after high school to continue her passion.


Beatrice Pierson is an eighteen-year-old senior in her first year with the Jefferson Dancers. Beatrice started dancing in middle school at Ockley Green, spending time in the dance studio before, during, and after school and learning the commitment and love for dance she would need to continue dancing in the future. In high school, Bea spent two years dancing with the Jefferson Dancer IIs, and gained many new skills and learned new dance styles, including Jazz, Modern, Ballet, African, and Tap. She found a love for each dance style, even in the ones she was expecting love. Beatrice would like to thank her dance teachers, Bunky Williams, Cynthia Tosh, Lauren Smith, and Damon Keller. She learned countless things from each of them, and they all helped shape her into the dancer she is now. Beatrice is excited to be pushed in new ways and see what she can accomplish during her last year of dance in high school. Beatrice hopes to always have dance in her life in some way or another after she graduates. Dance is a huge part of Beatrice's life, and she would like to thank her current and past company members for making it such an amazing experience she will never forget.


Aysha is a Junior, and this is her first year with the company. She was born and raised in Portland and has loved to dance since she was in the first grade, from talent shows and drill teams in elementary school to African and hip-hop in middle school. She went to Jefferson for the chance to be on the dance team, and that’s what she got. She loves African and hip-hop the most but is always willing to try new things! This year, she will get ballet and modern on her skill belt. She would like to thank Bunky Williams for taking a chance on her, letting her on the team last year, and believing in her from the first time she had his freshman year class. She thanks him for the support, love, determination, and encouragement he has given her throughout her time on the team. She is excited and thankful to be working with a new dance coach and is ready for anything to be thrown her way.


Harlow Kleffner is a fifteen-year-old sophomore, and this is her first year in the company. She started dancing when she was 3, doing ballet at the Aspire Project under Sue Darrows until 2020. She did hip-hop at Ockley Green with Damon Keller for all three middle school years. She was lucky enough to be part of the Jefferson Dancers II freshman year and started doing jazz, tap, African, modern, and ballet again. She has been going to see the Jefferson Dancers since she was little, and being a part of the company is a dream come true. She is excited to push herself to new limits and grow as a dancer. She wants to thank her mom, Sue Darrows, Damon Keller, and every dance teacher at Jefferson for their continued teaching and support.


Jay'quan is a Sophomore attending Jefferson High School. As the youngest among six siblings, he grew up in a lively household with five sisters and one brother. His early years were filled with the excitement of attending his sisters' dance he had no idea that dance would become my true passion.


His journey into the world of dance began when I stepped into a dance class at Jefferson High School. He discovered the enchanting world of movement, rhythm, and self-expression there. Falling head over heels in love with dance, he found a unique way to channel my creativity and emotions.


When he's not dancing, you can often find him hanging out with friends and occasionally enjoying a game of volleyball. These activities, combined with his love for dance, make for a vibrant and fulfilling life where he continues to explore the beauty of movement and the joy it brings to his world."


Lila Wendroff is a fourteen-year-old freshman in her first year with the company. Lila started dancing at age three at Miss Pam’s ballet school in Los Angeles, California. When her family moved to Portland, she joined The Children’s Gym competitive dance team and danced with them for two seasons. She started dancing at the Center for Movement Arts, doing ballet, jazz, and modern with Tim and Sherie Ryan. She also attended DaVinci Arts Middle School, learning tap and jazz under the instruction of Sara Martins. She danced ballet, hip-hop, and contemporary at various intensives with Northwest Dance Project. Lastly, Lila would like her family for trusting her to choose what she’s passionate about.

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