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Raves & Reviews

“Such strength, grace, and beauty. A Jefferson Dancers performance is the best two hours you will have spent in a long time.” —Stuart P., Portland


“This performance was so incredibly emotive. The dancers were so clearly emotionally invested, and their range of expression had me experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. Seeing the Jefferson Dancers was truly a life-changing experience.” - T.S., dancer at Open Space, Portland


“Wow, wow, wow! I was so blown away by the talent, athleticism, enthusiasm, and dedication of the Jefferson Dancers. So impressed!” —Sheila G., Portland


“I was blown away by the talent and passion of all the Jefferson Dancers. What an incredible dance performance! I’m so glad I was able to see these talented young performers.” —Karen P., Vancouver


“Loved every second of the performance. What talent!” —Brooke T., Happy Valley


“I so enjoyed the performance. It was all so professional. I attended with my sister, who is an OBT season ticket holder, and she was so impressed by the JDs!” —Terri R., Portland


“The dancers were incredibly attached to the dance—it was lively, creative, and full of emotions. The performance changed my mind of how I see dance. Now I can see freedom in dance and more than anything I could see before.”

  • Clara Rose S.R, an Oregon Ballet Theater dancer, Portland

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